'...On behalf of the QSPA Conference committee I wanted to thank you and your team for a great ‘drumming’ session!!

The feedback from the delegates was excellent and was certainly a great session to end a big day. To take time out from our schools and find time to enjoy ourselves with some active drumming was definitely well received....'

Kirsten - Qld Secondary Principals Association


Would you recommend the InRhythm Program?

Yes - Tim and Jason were absolutely fantastic from the minute we stepped into the room. There was an expectation set straight away that we were there to drum and have fun. Kids were engaged throughout the whole lesson and the engagement, participation and excitement was consistent throughout the week. I've never had to do so little behavior management in a program like this before! It was a dream.

Tim and Jason's passion and enthusiasm was incredible and a huge part of why the program worked so well.

Most valuable aspects of the program?

The concert at the end of the week was by far the most valuable part of the program and enabled every student to participate at the same time - which is something we haven't seen before at MCPS.

Other valuable aspects were the structure of the lessons; there were no breaks or slumps in the 30 minute lessons which meant students never had the chance to get bored - they were always on the go, smiling and having the best time ever.

Having Tim and Jason was also very valuable - I've never seen so much enthusiasm and passion! It was clear that they were happy to be there and the students could see that and responded to it really well.

Can't thank you enough for coming out - I'm still buzzing!

~ Neil Druce – MCPS - Deputy Principal


 Most valuable aspects of the program?

The inclusiveness of the presenter (drummer?) and their willingness to adjust the complexity of the activity to suit the capacity of the participants.  The energy that they brought to the event and the fun with which they enthused the participants.  A spectacle worth participating in!

~ Edmund MacMahon - flipside youth (Able Australia) - Youth Coordinator


Would you recommend InRhythm’s program?

Absolutely. It was wonderful to feel the enthusiasm that Tim and Jason have for their craft and the way they taught us about the drumming as a part of 'Mindfulness'

Most valuable aspects of the program?

The way the students gradually got into the unity and connectedness through the drumming sequences.

~ Nick Toovey - WHCC - Visiting teacher from Flinders College



Would you recommend the InRhythm Program?

Absolutely. InRhythm are a fantastic organisation who bring a terrific and highly professional workshop to students and staff. Our kids were highly engaged and active during each of the lessons and this program was, without a doubt, one of the best groups we've had come through on the sports voucher scheme.


Most valuable aspects of the program?

This program was highly organised and extremely professional. It gave students a huge amount of opportunity to be active participants and the workshops were suitable for each of the age groups involved. Tim was fantastic to deal with in terms of the organisation of the week and both he and Jason worked wonderfully with our student and staff group.

~Lachy Jones – MCPS - HPE and Sports Voucher Coordinator


 Would you recommend the InRhythm Program?

The children are 4-5year olds . They need lots of sensory feedback for their brains to process about where their bodies are in space, balance and the vestibular system , Crossing the midline , Pressure sound, pitch and rhythm. I could not have asked for a better activity to come our way  Tim and Jason are exciting and very skilled in their teaching of this fascinating instrument. My kids just LOVED it . They were absolutely enthralled with the ‘boys’; and what they found that they could do with their drum . It is such a gift to be able to touch each child's heart as you teach them a skill. Tim and Jason achieved that with an ease and finesse that makes me want to not only learn the drum but go to Africa as well !!! Thank you both so very much . Anita.

Most valuable aspects of the program?

The crossing the midline drumming  balancing the drum and how to sit  in order to play, the way to make the different melodies and pitch types, the listening for instructions , the instant feedback of the drum sound for children allows them to be pretty good pretty quickly .

~Anita Pacey - MCPS (Transition Class Teacher)


Would you recommend the InRhythm Program?

Yes. Instructors were very professional. Used language the students understood. Students were constantly engaged activities.


Most valuable aspects of the program?

Activities were engaging, fun and the students demonstrated their level of learning through their participation in the performance. The instructors were respectful towards the students and in return the students showed them respect.


What recommendations do you have for enhancing this program?

None as I believe the program was extremely successful.

~Leanne Stafford - MCPS Bathurst Island - 5/6 Team Member / T-6 Maths Coach


Would you recommend the InRhythm Program?

Yes, the positive response from the students at this community was outstanding. It was evident that the wellbeing of all was greatly enhanced during this week of drumming.


Most valuable aspects of the program?

The most valuable aspects were the attention that each class received, the whole school performance at the end of the week and the community involvement.

~Eilis Smart – MCPS - Classroom Teacher


Would you recommend the InRhythm Program?

It was an excellent program in a variety of ways. the presenters were extremely well organized and got the kids playing within seconds of going into the classroom.


Most valuable aspects of the program?

The kids got to be with each other and enjoy each others company without the usual bickering. They could do something valuable together.

~Pete Heyhoe – MCPS - Classroom teacher


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