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InRhythm Drum Sound
Sunday 21st July 2024

Join us at the beautiful Avoca Scout Hall for a day of Rhythm, Sound and Connection, from 11:30am.


Single Drumming Workshop :$33

Two Drumming Workshops : $55

Drum Meditation and Sound Bath: $55

1 Drumming Workshop + Drum Meditation and Sound Bath : $77

All workshops: $99

Includes Chai, Tea, Coffee and Bliss balls 

Beginners African Drumming & Mindfulness


$33 (inc gst)

In this class we will introduce students to the Djembe & the joy of using African Rhythm in the drum circle as a tool for active mindfulness practice & meditation. Regulating our nervous system through rhythm, naturally release stress & tension while exploring the power of positive psychology coupled with presence awareness! No drumming experience necessary, basic fun rhythms & a super safe space.


Intermediate African Drumming


$33(inc gst)

The focus here is on specific African rhythms technique & dexterity. This will be more intensely focussed on perfecting the rhythms. Students of this class will have a keen interest in progressing with their Djembe playing & be up for the challenge. 

ALL LEVELS WELCOME | Drums Supplied or BYO 

Drum Meditation and Soundbath


$55 (inc gst)

This workshop is offers a unique, Rhythm and Sound experience. Here we embrace the full power of active rhythmic meditation and vibrational sound immersion for healing, journeying and transformation. We will come together as a group in a meditative drumming circle, to connect and drum our way into a flow state. The drumming circle will be the perfect preparation for a full immersion and journey in rhythm and sound. Our instruments include a variety of Drums, Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Gongs, & Voice. The sounds are expertly layered in a flow with specific rhythms, frequencies and dynamics to create a transformative yet relaxing experience for participants.

No drumming experience is required to participate in this workshop.  Drums Supplied or BYO

Event Date 21-07-2024 11:30 am
Event End Date 21-07-2024 4:30 pm
Cost $33 - $99 (see ticket types below)
Location Avoca Beach Scout Hall

Ticket Information

Ticket Type (discounts applied below if applicable) Price (incl gst)
Beginners African Drumming & Mindfulness only $33.00
Intermediate African Drumming only $33.00
Drum Meditation and Soundbath only $55.00
Both Drumming Workshops $55.00
Beginners Drumming + Drum Meditation and Sound Bath $77.00
Intermediate Drumming + Drum Meditation and Sound Bath $77.00
All Workshops $99.00
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