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The InRhythm approach to health and wellbeing through the medium of drumming is unique. We use a combination of drumming, mindfulness and meditation.

We understand & harness the power of meditation to assist individuals in cultivating stillness of mind. The drumming itself is a powerful tool in this regard.

Using a set of direct experience meditation techniques which are aligned with the drumming component of our courses we are able to offer a unique skill set that course participants can take away and use in their daily lives to relieve psychological suffering and anxiety plus maintain a clear and productive focus.

Meditation is recognised as a valuable tool for use in the treatment of many dis-eases as well as stress reduction and performance enhancement. Drumming and drum circles are also gaining some solid recognition in this field.

The Evidence

There is mounting evidence in support of the healing power of the drum, drumming circles & meditation.

Research on Drumming

Drumming is being used all over the world to heal people with health issuse such as, anxiety, cancer, stress management, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease to name just a few.

Drumming for Development (Research Article)

Below are some links to interesting articles in support of the research of the healing power of the drum

Research on Meditation

'Research on the processes and effects of meditation is a growing subfield of neurological research.

Modern scientific techniques and instruments, such as MRI and EEG, have been used to see what happens in the body of people when they meditate, as well as its long term effects. Meditation changes the brain.

These studies have shown substantial bodily changes as a consequence of regular meditative practice, including growth in regions of the brain activated according to the style of meditation, regions involved with compassion and understanding others, being mindfully aware, sustaining focus on a single object for a long period, and others.'

Excerpt from Wikipedia Article - RESEARCH ON MEDITATION

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Drumming and Meditation
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