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The Intention

Our Drum Circle Facilitator Program is designed with the clear intention of giving facilitators the skills to lead groups of people to balance, empowerment, unity, inspiration, joy, celebration & a sense of ongoing ease with life, all using the transformative power of rhythm and meditation.

This in turn, fosters improvements in the health and wellbeing of the individual and positive community development within the groups at large.

We invite you to be with us in the present moment as you learn these skills and equip yourself with the tools to help transform people’s lives!

The Focus & Learning Outcomes

The methods used in this professional program are multi layered, a combination of discussion, reflection and hands-on practice will result in an introduction to:

  •     The art of running successful therapeutic rhythm programs
  •     The universal language of drum circle facilitation
  •     The basics of polyrhythm, body-percussion and African drumming (all that’s needed for ongoing sessions)
  •     Using the power of drumming circles to deliver analogies that address sensitive life issues, teamwork and group        harmony
  •     The delivery of direct experience / presence meditations
  •     Running therapeutic programs using body percussion exclusively
  •     The practice of using non-verbal communication to facilitate group music sessions
  •     Methods for effectively managing group dynamics
  •     Composition and staging of successful group performances

The Resources You’ll Receive. 

As part of the training program you will receive a unique and powerful set of tools to help you facilitate rhythm circles straight away. Tools include: 

  •     InRhythm’s 8-week program lesson plan, listed week by week
  •     Our 30 - 90min program lesson plan for one off use with any group
  •     2 complete rhythms for application with both of the above program templates + access to further rhythms
  •     The Unique InRhythm Backing Track for each rhythm (These provide valuable lesson content & hold the groove while you focus on facilitation)
  •     A comprehensive list of rhythmical exercises & games to make sessions dynamic
  •     The InRhythm Facilitator Training Manual & Workbook
  •     InRhythm Facilitator Training accreditation
  •     Ongoing support, updates and membership to the InRhythm facilitator community

No Experience Required

This course is designed for absolute beginners through to experienced facilitators. No musical ability is required. In a supportive and relaxed environment you'll have plenty of space to practice and be inspired by others. You'll be recognised as having completed the InRhythm Drum Circle Facilitator Training Course.

Our training assures organisations that you have achieved the focus goals set by the training.

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