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Our Drum Circle Facilitator Training is a powerful, therapeutic & unique skill set to add to your toolkit.

You’ll learn methods & formulas to start leading sessions straight away! 

"...I have never felt more open to learning and being inspired. Being able to have a go and make mistakes is a testament to the teaching."

"...I absolutely LOVED the training - perhaps the best and definitely the most nurturing training I have ever done!"

"...The InRhythm facilitator training was such a memorable, positive and transformational experience (both professionally and personally)." 


How it Works

Take the exclusive resources, frameworksfacilitation techniques we teach you and use them to run powerful ongoing programs within your organisation and/or local community. Our mindful approach is cutting edge. 

No experience required. We cater for complete beginners through to advanced facilitators.

The Investment: $825 or ($715 EarlyBird - 2 months before course commences)

If you would like to discuss any specific questions please don't hesitate to enquire now on 1300 55 40 35 or Email.


 'This was the best training I have ever completed!.....' Read More



This course comes with a Certificate of Completion - 12 hours PD training.

An InRhythm Accreditation is offered to facilitators who attend at least 2  followup 1 day Playshops & demonstrate the successful completion of an 8 week program within their local community.

The Australian Teaching Standards covered are:

2.1 – Content and teaching strategies of the learning area.

3.3 – Use teaching strategies.

3.4 – Select and use resources

3.5 – Use effective classroom communication

4.1 – Support student participation

6.2 – Engage in professional learning and improve practice



The Incredible Benefits.
This training will equip you with the skills and resources to lead successful therapeutic drum and rhythm circles.
The focus is on mental wellness, encouraging fun, experiencing joy & helping to improve mental health and general wellbeing of participants.
• Releases stored tension
• Reduces patterns of anxiety & depression
• Improves social skills
• Builds community amongst participants
• Develops musicality & musical confidence
• Teaches the power of mindfulness & meditation
• Unveils the natural sense of wellbeing and joy
• Promotes creative expression
• Creates a safe space to explore social, emotional & group harmony issues
• Develops healthy & happy minds
• Helps make life FUN!
No Experience Required
Designed for absolute beginners through to experienced facilitators.
In a supportive and relaxed environment you'll have plenty of space to learn, practice & be inspired by others.
The Outcomes.
The methods used in this professional program are multi layered, a combination of discussion, reflection and hands-on practice will result in an introduction to:
• The art of running successful therapeutic rhythm programs
• The universal language of drum circle facilitation
• The basics of polyrhythm, body-percussion and African drumming (all that’s needed for ongoing sessions)
• Using the power of drumming circles to deliver analogies that address sensitive life issues, teamwork and group harmony
• The delivery of direct experience / presence meditations
• Running therapeutic programs using body percussion exclusively
• The practice of using non-verbal communication to facilitate group music sessions
• Methods for effectively managing group dynamics
• Composition and staging of successful group performances
COST: $825 ($715 Early Bird - 2 months before program commences)
DURATION: 9.30am - 4.30pm over 2 days (12 hours training)

The History of Our Training

Our Drum Circle Facilitator Training Program was created in 2004 after a swift rise in interest and engagement of InRhythm sessions across Australia within a broad range of service areas.

These service areas included, the corporate sector, schools, youth agencies, the general community, special needs organisations and child care.

The InRhythm Facilitator Training Program was rolled out in-house to train and accredit InRhythm facilitators to meet the growing demand.

After huge success the program was adapted to cater for external service providers within their own organisations and is on offer for independent use within your own communities and organisations.


Why are Drum Circles so effective?

Drum circles serve as a powerful vehicle for empowering the human spirit, realigning the body's energy system, sparking creativity, nurturing community bonds, fostering teamwork, facilitating healing, and enhancing overall well-being and quality of life. (Explore research here)

InRhythm’s Drum Circle Facilitator Training is designed to equip you and your team with the necessary skills to guide groups toward empowerment, inspiration, improved health, well-being, and joy—all through the transformative influence of rhythm and meditation.


Cultivate Facilitation



"The InRhythm facilitator training was such a memorable, positive and transformational experience (both professionally and personally). Tim is inspirational! From a music teachers perspective, the 8 week program is well-constructed, user friendly and adaptable to cater for anyone of any age and any ability level."

Anna Dart | Music Specialist Teacher

"Loved the course, felt very passionate about it. Met all my expectations, resources are useful and detailed enough, but not too difficult to understand or get caught up in theory. Learned so much in the practical sessions while just having fun.

I highly recommend Inrhythm training courses and activities to everyone. They are great for children of all ages, and the staff who work with them, corporate groups and people looking for a fun way to enhance teamwork. Young, old, musically talented, tone deaf, rhythmically challenged or professional. Tim and his team make drumming so fun, you don't even realise you're learning. Instruction happens in a safe and playful environment, where everyone's individual creativity is encouraged and celebrated. The connection between the group creates a powerful instrument to implement immediate and lasting change. After completing the Facilitator Course I have begun teaching my own workshops. Drumming is the way of the future! Thanks InRhythm. "

Cara McInerney | Learning & Support Teacher

"You never know what to expect on training but this will far exceed your expectations. A friendly, open and experiential style of teaching which creates a passion in you to drum. Tim's calm and collaborative approach to teaching makes you leave wanting to share it with others and practice your new skills with pride.  By the end of the course you have a sense of connection with the other participants and after, continue to feel that you are part of a InRhythm community. Thanks again! 

I enjoyed the experiential style of teaching. Great that there was a range of drums to try. The learning manuals are helpful to take away. It's good that there are different levels you can grow your skills moving forward on line. Great balance of personal and professional learning."

Jess Nicol | Counsellor

This course has opened up so many valuable pathways.  It was the most enjoyable thing I've ever done with a group and absolutely brought out the best in everyone!! 

Melissa McCarey | Special Needs & Parent Support Coordinator


It was amazing how much the group developed over the eight weeks. We all finished on a high and it was fabulous to see the kids so happy! Can’t wait to do it again next year.’

Christine - Public School Teacher

‘The course was awesome; I got a lot out of it. Not just to teach but for myself in my own life. Highly recommended.’

Dallas - Residential Services Coordinator

‘This program is exactly what I have been searching for.Thank you!.’

Diane - School Support Officer 

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