Uplifting & Energising Team Building Session…

BOOM BOOM BOOM Ra tatatatatatat BOOM!

The team, to their surprise, hears the sound of drums echo throughout the room. InRhythm drummers greet them playing beautiful high-energy rhythms. Everyone’s attention is on the drums. The drummers roam the room and naturally encourage everyone to interact. Then, they are guided into the team building area where they find a drum on their seat. Everyone is present.

Within minutes the team is playing the drums together, as a team. People look around in complete surprise to see everyone taking part, even the most conservative of the group. The InRhythm facilitator signals the group and everyone stops at exactly the same time. People are speechless.

The team is then shown specific, effortless rhythms to play. The sound is powerful. The group is divided into sub-groups that each plays a simple yet powerful rhythm, synchronising with the other groups, locking in with the powerful common pulse. An amazing phenomenon takes place. There are 3 groups playing 3 different rhythms but people can hear more than that. It sounds like 6 rhythms…the total is greater than the sum of the parts.

With a strong foundation of the common pulse the InRhythm facilitators guides the groups through a series of techniques that create the perfect analogies between the drumming like this and successful, effective and harmonious teamwork. 

The team has reached a special place where they experience what it feels like to be meaningfully engaged as a team player.

The interlocking rhythms, created by the team start to speed up. Energy is high, people are present and everyone is connected. The group is ready to finish on a high. The team is working together, having immense fun and feeling great. They all play a signal together to signify to stop. BOOM. The room falls silent. Then… “RUMBLE” People go wild, letting out their full expression on the drums.

This is team building and celebration at its best!


Team Wellness Drumming & Mindfulness Program…
A fun and therapeutic exploration of presence, awareness and group connection.
Participants will learn a series of very accessible rhythms that lock together to create an incredible synergy between the group. Once this is achieved, we open up the experience to encourage a spontaneous creative flow (without going too far outside anyones comfort zone).
It is not about ‘getting it right’ but rather ‘being in rhythm'
Using a variety of mindfulness practices (acute awareness of the input coming through the physical senses without judgement) we focus on the power Present Moment Awareness has to help us discover our innate access to resilience & from there, connect, release stress and anxiety, plus express our creativity.
It is always light hearted, fun and yet extremely powerful. 
We will amend sessions to fit totally in line with the desired outcomes for your event.

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