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Welcome to InRhythm

We help you thrive through the power of rhythm! Team building activities, wellness, school incursions, drum therapy, facilitator training, community drumming programs, epic entertainment performances! Australia & New Zealand.

Get InRhythm, 'Let your spirit shine!'

Corporate Team Drumming
Transform your team, motivate your people, uplift your audience. Australia, New Zealand & Indonesia
Corporate Drumming
Community Drumming
Drum Therapy & Mindfulness
WOW your event with our world class Drumming & Mindfulness programs. Australia New Zealand & Asia
Corporate Drumming
Community Drumming
Drum Facilitator Training
Drum therapy training, learn to play & teach African rhythms, mindfulness, meditation and more.
Corporate Drumming
Community Drumming
African Drum Shop
Competitive selection of African drums and accessories. Make your own drum, build your community
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  • Facilitator Training for Teachers

    InRhythm Facilitator Training   l   Testimonials    l    Body Percussion Online Course   l    Book Now

    • Would you like to understand more about the power of rhythm?
    • Are you in need of tools to regulate the brain and capture (slow down) the busy, wandering minds of your students?
    • Would you like to learn one of the most valuable lifelong skills - teaching rhythm?
    • Is there a diverse range of cultures in your classroom and you need to find a ‘common ground’?

     School Kids Drumming

    Rhythm has been proven to affect the human body in a variety of physiological, psychological, and emotional ways from infancy to adulthood. Learning rhythms, identifying patterns, and practicing musical instruments uses both sides of the brain, resulting in a “total brain workout” which improves students performance. All of these useful skills are taught in a fun and supportive environment at InRhythm’s Facilitator Training. In this course (delivered over 2 days) you will provided with all the resources and tools you need to run a successful drum circle, facilitate a class of youth in a drumming session, use body percussion as a calming method in a classroom setting. The focus is Mental health improvement.

    * This workshop can be completed as a group and there is lots of support when the workshop is completed through the InRhythm Facilitator forum. Here trained facilitators share their experiences, ideas and are free to ask questions, here of the most recent industry updates and have direct contact with the InRhythm team.

    What are the benefits?

    • Use of rhythmic drumming therapy with students reduces stress, improves mood, and improves social-emotional skills - Read more here
    • Releases stored tension
    • Reduces patterns of anxiety & depression - Read more here
    • Improves social skills
    • Builds community amongst participants
    • Develops musicality & musical confidence
    • Teaches the power of mindfulness & meditation
    • Unveils the natural sense of wellbeing and joy
    • Promotes creative expression
    • Creates a safe space to explore social, emotional & group harmony issues - Read more here
    • Develops healthy & happy minds - Read more here
    • Helps make life FUN! 

    Why do InRhythm Facilitator Training?

    Drummingcan be fun. It can also be an absolute nightmare in a classroom. Lots of kids with loud instruments can be enjoyable and a fun activity, or it can just mean a headache for the teacher (Quite literally!) You will learn all the skills required to run a smooth and calming session and have those students ready for their lessons.

    Kids being Kids will get bored doing the same thing for weeks on end, so you'll have to keep it fresh by finding new ideas and rhythms for them all the time - the InRhythm Facilitator Forum is a platform where trained facilitators discuss their sessions, share ideas and queries.

    What will you learn?

    The methods used in this professional program are multi layered, a combination of discussion, reflection and hands-on practice will result in an introduction to:

    •  The art of running successful therapeutic rhythm programs
    •  The universal language of drum circle facilitation
    •  The basics of polyrhythm, body-percussion and African drumming (all that’s needed for ongoing sessions)
    •  Using the power of drumming circles to deliver analogies that address sensitive life issues, teamwork and group harmony
    •  The delivery of direct experience / presence meditations
    •  Running therapeutic programs using body percussion exclusively
    •  The practice of using non-verbal communication to facilitate group music sessions
    •  Methods for effectively managing group dynamics
    •  Composition and staging of successful group performances

    No Experience Required

    This training is designed for absolute beginners through to experienced facilitators. No musical ability is required. In a supportive and relaxed environment you'll have plenty of space to practice and be inspired by others. There is continuing support after course completion through the InRhythm Facilitators forumand further training if required.

    Training Dates: More information here

    More Information on course content: Course Intention & Focus

    Book Here: To register for training

  • Positive effects of Drumming

    “When people drum, something happens to their brain that only happens when people are drumming together or when people are in deep meditation,” he explained. “The brain usually operates with either the left or right side independently. People generally cycle in 20 minutes per side. But when drumming, we experience something called hemispheric synchronization, where both sides work at the same time. Scientists believe this is the basis of transcendent states of consciousness. People feel two opposite emotions simultaneously: energized and relaxed.”

    Friedman authored The Healing Power of the Drum - Read more here

    Drumming as a therapy can be used to aid in the healing of many different illness,  it can be used with Alzheimer’s patients and autistic children, giving them an external stimuli. It helps with attention and focus. It can be used for Parkinsons, post traumatic stress disorder to name but a few. InRhythm have been utilising the therapeutic benefits of rhythm and drumming since early 2002 to help individuals and groups unveil the natural peace and joy that is every humans birthright. In this regard drumming works!


    Drum Therapy   l     Facilitator Training   l     Book Course    l     Sydney   l    Brisbane   l   Canberra   l   Melbourne

    Drumming Therapy Is a Powerful and Effective Way To Learn Valuable Coping Skills:

    • Ability to focus inward as well as outward
    • Develop self-awareness and self-esteem
    • Mastery of breath and movement
    • Ability to stay "on task"
    • Improve listening skills
    • Increase Frustration Tolerance
    • Channel aggressive/destructive impulses into creative and positive activity
    • Develop self-control, patience and cooperation

    Group drumming brings people together in a non competitive space and becomes a vehicle that can empower the human spirit, realign the body's energy system, stimulate creativity, build community, foster team spirit, promote healing and enhance general wellbeing and quality of life.

    Rhythm has been proven to regulate our brain & nervous system, calming the fight/flight response, brining online our cognitive capacity...Read More Here

    Article: Drumming Meditation and its Therapeutic Effects.

    Contact Us to discuss how we can help you bring the power of drumming and rhythm to you and your community.

    The facilitation of group drumming requires sensitivity and awareness to the group dynamic - to the personalities of the group.  A drumming facilitator influences the drum circle and can encourage and empower those who are timid and self-conscious about being heard. Become a Drum Therapy Facilitator!

    "Drumming Therapy taps into layers of the mind and body that other modalities cannot. Studies have shown that repetitive drumming changes brain wave activity, inducing a state of calm and focused awareness. Drumming Therapy is a method of utilizing the natural power of rhythm and sound and applying it to an individual or group for the purpose of healing. A truly holistic healing approach, group drumming breaks down social barriers, promotes freedom of expression, non-verbal communication, unity and cooperation. Drumming awakens dormant emotions and unexplainable feelings of excitement, peace, and ecstacy. It can elevate the mood, decrease anxiety, and stress, and it boosts immune system functioning and benefits physical health."

    Ben Schwarcz, Licensed Psychotherapist Read more here

    Source: Drums arent just for music, they are for therapy too! 

    Drum Therapy - healing through rhythm and sound

    Finding our Rhythm - Discovering Connection:The Magic of Drumming Therapy

    Benefits of Drum Therapy for Addiction Recovery


    Drum Therapy   l     Facilitator Training   l     Book Course    l     Sydney   l    Brisbane   l   Canberra   l   Melbourne

  • What is drum therapy? Where can I get meaningful training?

    ‘We moderns are the last people on the planet to uncover what older cultures have known for thousands of years: The act of drumming contains a therapeutic potential to relax the tense, energize the tired, and soothe the emotionally wounded.’

    So says Gary Diggins, an Ontario sound therapist. Read more here…..


    All expressive therapies have one common thread: human emotion and creativity. Throughout history healers didn’t just use drumming and ritual to heal, they used many different aspects of self discovery to bring their people on a healing journey.


    Drumming was, however, one of the most important aspects of this healingand used in combination with other modalities to aid in the recovery of their people. Nowadays the discussion continues in the therapy world about the importance of in-depth training.


    With regards to drum therapy, a flirtation with drumming is not enough. Only a love of drumming can lead to a felt experience and formed expression. While many therapists are familiar with several therapies, most tend to specialise in one or two that they are trained in and that meet the needs and situation of their clients. Self-expression through drumming, movement, or percussion can remind us of past experiences and even be cleansing for some, but it has been recognised the ability of drumming to contain self expression rather than to retraumatise or cause repetition of troubling memories. When a person works with a drum therapist, they work together where their self expression through drumming is used as a container for feelings, an opportunity to see life from a different perspective, through a different lens and therefore can deepen into a greater self understanding which can transform, heal the individual emotionally, resolve internal conflict and will provide an overall sense of well-being.


    ‘Drumming Therapy taps into layers of the mind and body that other modalities cannot. Studies have shown that repetitive drumming changes brain wave activity, inducing a state of calm and focused awareness.’

    From Benjamin Schwarcz MA, MFT, Psychotherapy and Coaching Santa Rosa who offers an alternative therapies for depression. Read more....

    If you have an interest in using music to heal and would like to learn how to facilitate a therapeutic drumming session, then this course is for you. Check out InRhythm’s Facilitator Training. Contact InRhythmto find the next available course.


    SOURCES: Robert T Muller Ph.D., trained at Harvard, was on faculty at the University of Massachusetts, and is currently at York University in Toronto. Dr. Muller was recently honored as a Fellow of the International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation (ISSTD) for his work on trauma treatment. His article The Heart is a Drum Machine: Drumming as Therapy published in Psychology Today.

    Ben Schwarcz, MA, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, (license # MFC 35606), with a private practice office Santa Rosa, California. Ben received his Master's degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from the John F. Kennedy Graduate School for Holistic Studies. 

    InRhythm Drum Therapy

    To find our more or book a session where we come to you please use our ENQUIRY FORM or call us on 1300 55 40 35

    Sheila Molloy | InRhythm

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"Absolutely brilliant! A creative way to bring teamwork and harmony to the group….. I want to do it again!"

Donna  | Westpac