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Drumming School Incursions

Teachers have an amazing responsibility, shaping young minds, teaching them about culture and the world around them. Trying to create a positive learning environment where students can work as a collective group, be relaxed and confident in their own space and a sense of community is often quite challenging.

A useful, entertaining and enlightening tool that may not have been considered before would be to host a drumming incursion at your school. There are some excellent benefits to providing drumming incursions. You encourage diversity and enrich your students as well as an educational break from the everyday norm. So where can you begin? 

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The children are 4-5year olds. They need lots of sensory feedback for their brains to process about where their bodies are in space, balance and the vestibular system, crossing the midline, pressure sound, pitch and rhythm. I could not have asked for a better activity to come our way. Tim and Jason are exciting and very skilled in their teaching of this fascinating instrument. My kids just LOVED it. They were absolutely enthralled with the ‘boys’; and what they found that they could do with their drum. It is such a gift to be able to touch each child's heart as you teach them a skill. Tim and Jason achieved that with an ease and finesse that makes me want to not only learn the drum but go to Africa as well!!! Thank you both so very much. Anita.

Drumming incursion

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“Schools may be the easiest system to expose children to the benefits of drumming therapy. Research has shown that drumming is an effective way to increase the access of music therapy for children, citing the ease with which children approach drums with more curiosity and less fear than other musical instruments. As such, the benefits of a drumming program and classroom percussion instruments in schools can help with social, communication, academic, emotional, cognitive and even fine and gross motor impairments. Building social skills is an important part of school's unwritten curriculum. Children often learn through modeling skills and behaviors, from sharing toys or crayons to accepting and appreciating the differences in other students. Drumming provides a hand-on demonstration of how to work as a group, interact on an equal level and become a full part of the cooperative illustration that the myriad of drums can provide as students each add a unique voice to a collective song. Furthermore, these social skills help build self-confidence as well as a feeling of belonging among peers.”

Benefits of Classroom Drum Circles and Youth Drumming

And more importantly, it is learning through fun! We @ InRhythm have created a school incursion program that is continually evaluated and adjusted based on student and teacher input and feedback. With trained and experienced facilitators our workshops are an authentic reflection of intercultural values and are always educational, hands-on and of course great fun for any school. 

For details of current programmes and some previous projects see here.  

For further information or a quote for your school please contact us.

*Our unique program has strong interdisciplinary aspects and is a great way to encourage multiculturalism and integration. Drumming is a really fantastic way to improve a class dynamic-this is especially relevant at the start of the school year- Contact us to receive info or a quotation for your school.

Sources: Benefits of Classroom Drum Circles and Youth Drumming: https://www.x8drums.com/blog/classroom-drum-circles-youth-drumming/





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