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Coping with transition

Transition - how to cope

What is transition, how can it cause problems and how can it be addressed through a drumming session?

Transitions are times of change - moving to a new school, starting highschool - year 7’s, graduating and moving to college. They involve a feeling of loss and also opportunity. The changes can invoke stress and challenge peoples coping resources and skills. People can experience a decline in their overall functioning (mental, social & emotional). This time can pose greater problems if there is an existing psychological problem or difficult life circumstance. But the good news is that there are positive and easy ways to deal with this issue, which if left un-addressed can pose the onset of more serious problems.

Some signs of transition problems can manifest as nervousness, irritability, tearfulness, sleep problems, depression.

Stress is normal and it is important that positive coping strategies are used to manage stress including use of social support and scheduling pleasurable activities. Do not trivialize people’s feelings about this transition ‘Everyone goes through this and I’m sure its nothing to worry about”.

Transition from primary to high school is seen as an important crossroad as young people move from a small, self contained classroom to a large, more heterogeneous school with increased expectation of independent academic performance and less teachers' scaffolding. In addition, there are significant changes in the peer group with concerns about social acceptance often causing a loss of self-esteem, falls in academic performance and rising anxiety and depression levels (Akos, 2006; Frey, Ruchkin, Martin & Schwab-Stone, 2009; Marsten, 2008).

So how can a session with InRhythm Drumming aid in this transition? We have developed a program that deals with this issue. The facilitation techniques we use are based on intuitive universal language gestures and symbols that work in any group. Our rhythm sessions are fun, exciting, and therapeutic with life-skill lessons woven into the process. The drumming is intuitive, spontaneous, and highly personalised. It allows for the greatest amount of creativity and self-expression within a structured and disciplined process.InRhythm's one-off events are spectacular! We can have the entire school together as one through our simple yet powerful interactive drumming events. Each child receives a drum or percussion instrument and is engaged instantly through a series of games and techniques. Enquire HERE.

  • Drumming can aid with Social Needs. Drumming often occurs as a collaborative, interactive process. If facilitated correctly, participating in drumming experiences can help a child work on skills such as turn-taking and sharing, as well as help them feel they are part of a group contributing towards a group process.
  • Drumming encourages and addresses Communication Needs. Playing a drum or percussion instrument can be a useful way to communicate non-verbally and to listento another persons nonverbal communication.
  • Drumming can help them find their tribe! The Year 7 Bonding Day - Playing in a group of new people can help them bond, find their similarities and commonalities while having fun. It enables them to meet each other and learn new skills in team building exercises! Drum and get to know each other more! It is an talents, leadership skills that they didn't know they had.hands in circle resize

To read more about the benefits of drumming with young people read an InRhythm article HERE 

Following is an InRhythm testimonial on the benefits of a drumming session with Year 12’s just before their HSC

The brief was to provide a therapeutic drumming and body percussion session to the entire year 12 student group on the yearly retreat that fitted with the theme of 'The Heart'.

As the students prepare for their last year at school and to go through the massive impact of the stress of the HSC, this school wanted to remind the students about the power of the heart and the possibility of approaching the year with a sense of being fully supported and recognising the availability of their inner peace which is always available.

Our unique approach in this situation is one that firstly brings attention to presence and then deeply connects the group with each other in rhythm from that foundation. From here the opportunities for release of stress are second to none. Read more of our testimonial HERE.



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