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Benefits of group drumming for companies

The power of community

Group drumming helps create and nurture a very real sense of community within any group from businesses of any size through to organisations or social groups. If you have “community” within your group you have a strong healthy group of people that communicate effectively, feel a sense of belonging, get things done and know how to bring out the best in themselves and the collective.

The power of unity

Drumming brings people together. It’s called entrainment. Have you ever experienced being in a crowd all clapping hands and then the clapping merges into one massive collective hand-clap. That’s called entrainment. It’s a natural phenomenon that feels great. Drumming unifies groups of people in a natural way and is an excellent way to bring companies, organisation or social groups together.

The power of diversity

Drumming supports the power of diversity and shows that a group of people can benefit from approaching “things” differently. For example one person may play a drum that is completely different than another person but those two people will be able to play a rhythm together that sounds and feels good. They can synchronise with each other to create a harmonious rhythm. Further, when people are playing different types of drums and percussion instruments and are connected by a common pulse, the group can benefit from the diverse sounds and qualities of those instruments, creating a richer more colourful music. To illustrate the power of diversity within a business setting through these analogies helps build great teams and great companies.

The power of fun

Interactive drumming is fun. Drumming allows people to let go a little and relax. To have fun is to bring balance into a group of people. It’s a healthy way to create a sense of community within any group of people. Companies can use group drumming to reward staff.

The power to motivate

Group drumming has the power to motivate people into action. The feeling of drumming in a group of people is very inspiring and exciting. The drumming offers an energetic charge accessible to all people. Companies can use interactive drumming to motivate staff.

We are all in this together

Drumming shows we need each other. When we create rhythms by playing different parts together we create more than the sum of the parts. For example when two different rhythms are drummed together a new rhythms or sounds are created through harmonics. This means that we need 2 or more people drumming to create more than the sum of the parts. Drumming provides an excellent analogy to show that we need each other.

Transcend the boundaries

Rhythm is the mother tongue. Everyone has rhythm and everyone speaks it. It connects people regardless of race, genre, age and ability and has the power to bring any group of people together within minutes

Team building

Group drumming is about working as a team. The rhythms being played by a group are cohesive only when team members are connected. Interactive drumming illustrates the power of listening, simple communication, working together, being present and the importance of feeling good about what you are doing. Group drumming is a powerful team building idea.

Group bonding

When we drum in a group we feel connected to each other. It’s a great way to bond. By sharing the common purpose of creating music together the group feels a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie. Drumming is a great team bonding experience.

Drumming is entertaining

Interactive drumming is a fresh and engaging way to entertain people. The audience become the performers and a whole new style of entertainment is created. Drumming is a powerful way to make a statement.

Everyone is a leader

Group drumming shows what it takes to be a leader. The power of drumming is that everyone is a leader and following at the same time, as everyone needs to play in rhythm simultaneously in order to create the music. By leading and following simultaneously everyone gets to experience what it means to be autonomous. Drumming helps encourage people to lead themselves and in turn empower the entire group. Drumming is a perfect tool for leadership training.

Health and wellbeing - Good vibrations

Drumming is a great way to release stress. As the sounds of the drum vibrate through your body your muscles and your mind get a sound massage, leaving you in a state of relaxation. After only 15 minutes of drumming your mind will start to quieten and your body will start to feel release. Drumming helps to synchronise your bodys’ natural rhythms like your heart beat so that you feel as one, connected and peaceful.


Drumming is meditation. When you naturally start to connect your breath to the rhythm of your drumming you start to synchronise with the rhythms of your body and your world and you start to feel the meditative benefits of drumming. You become aware of your connection to everything and everybody around you. You the are reminded that you are not separate an disconnected from everyone. In this medatitive state you develop a conciousness that helps you understand life so that you can live it more fully. In this state of less resistance you allow more peace, wisdom and relief into your life experience.

Energy booster

Whether a relaxing groove or a high-energy rhythm, drumming serves to boost your energy levels. You’ll feel much more alive, in touch and a general sense of wellbeing. With the connection between your mind, body and spirit in alignment you’ll naturally enhance your physical and mental wellbeing.

Confident booster

Group drumming can help boost the confidence of a team members. By each person playing their part they feel valued. Drumming helps recognise the importance of everyone contributing to the whole.

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