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Corporate Team Drumming
Transform your team, motivate your people, uplift your audience. Australia, New Zealand & Indonesia
Corporate Drumming
Community Drumming
School Drumming Incursions
Drumming incursions for musicality, group bonding, leadership, mindfulness, resilience & celebration. 
Corporate Drumming
Community Drumming
Drum Therapy Facilitator Training
Drum therapy training, learn to play & teach African rhythms, mindfulness, meditation and more.
Corporate Drumming
Community Drumming
Team Drumming & Mindfulness
WOW your event with our world class Drumming & Mindfulness programs. Australia & New Zealand
Corporate Drumming
Community Drumming

Uplift, Inspire, Connect & Thrive...

Get InRhythm, 'Make Your Soul Smile!'

InRhythm is a dynamic team of passionate people from all walks of life.

We have come together through the shared joy of feeling connected and at "home" through something as simple and innate as rhythm. "As we are all rhythmic beings living in a rhythmic world, and it flows, that when we all feel our connection through rhythm and drumming we feel great. It's really that simple."

Tim Orgias and Beau Bruderlin founded InRhythm in 1999 in Australia. Since humble beginnings InRhythm has now become an international company thats' soul purpose is to help create meaningful healthy communities in any organisation...and to have immense fun doing it!

Life is meant to be fun.

Founders Tim Orgias & Beau Bruderlin


Tim and Beau InRhythm

Success Stories

Audi, Vodafone, BHP, Arnotts and Sunsilk all have something in common. They all love to get InRhythm!

Success Stories

Imagine this ...

"Boom Ratata" Before we knew it, everyone in the room was drumming. Even the most conservative of the group...

Imagine this ...

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Get drumming everybody! Bigs ups to all the facilitators out there bringing the very therapeutic practice of group drumming circles to their communities! Its powerful work, raising the consciousness o...
Find A Class In a world filled with noise, stress, and constant demands, finding moments of connection and harmony is essential for overall well-being. Drumming workshops, a unique and engaging form o...
Body percussion, a captivating form of musical expression, has captured the imagination of enthusiasts worldwide. Its rhythmic beats and energetic movements offer a unique way to connect with music an...



"Absolutely brilliant! A creative way to bring teamwork and harmony to the group….. I want to do it again!"

Donna  | Westpac