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Corporate Team Drumming
Transform your team, motivate your people, uplift your audience. Australia, New Zealand & Indonesia
Corporate Drumming
Community Drumming
School Drumming Incursions
Drumming incursions for musicality, group bonding, leadership, mindfulness, resilience & celebration. 
Corporate Drumming
Community Drumming
Drum Therapy Facilitator Training
Drum therapy training, learn to play & teach African rhythms, mindfulness, meditation and more.
Corporate Drumming
Community Drumming
Team Drumming & Mindfulness
WOW your event with our world class Drumming & Mindfulness programs. Australia & New Zealand
Corporate Drumming
Community Drumming

Get InRhythm

'Make Your Soul Smile!'


The Complete Rhythm Pack 1 ($55 AUD)


Includes 7 complete African Djembe rhythms: Djole, Guinea Fare, Kuku, LassiDan, Sofa, Soli, & Sounou

African Rhythm Tutorial

Have Your Audio Downloads Within Minutes

We are very proud to offer our amazing InRhythm African Rhythm tutorial Cd's for instant direct download.

Hear a sample here


African rhythms are very fun and therapeutic to play and when broken down as they are on these recordings become extremely easy to learn. You don't even need a drum, if you like you can just play them on a table top!


  • Each Download contains an African rhythm in all its parts.

  • Each part is spoken phonetically and then played on the drum against a backing pulse.

  • Each rhythm includes a PDF tablature sheet with all parts written out.

  • The download comes as a zipped folder consisting of Mp3 audio tracks and one PDF file.

  • Our Rhythm Packs consist of 7 - 8 entire rhythms at a highly discounted price.

  • You can use these recordings to teach your own drumming course, for more info on this opportunity please simply contact us

  • All recordings are under copyright and no unauthorised reproduction is permitted.


African Sensibility

Drumming in Africa is an essential thread or life force that bonds people together. Rhythm is inherent in all of us and when we are in rhythm we feel connected, as one, whole...joyous. Drumming African rhythms resets your mind, releases you from the hum drum and makes you feel real good.

Tim and Beau



Or Buy Separately

Djole ($11AUD)


Kuku ($11 AUD)


LassiDan ($11 AUD)


Sofa ($11 AUD)



Guinea Fare ($11 AUD)


Soli ($11 AUD)


Sounou ($11 AUD)





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"Absolutely brilliant! A creative way to bring teamwork and harmony to the group….. I want to do it again!"

Donna  | Westpac